Office 365 for ZOL Customers

18 October 2017

We live in a dynamic world, especially for small businesses. Globalization has meant that business can no longer be business as usual. Small businesses like large enterprises have had to adapt to entirely new technologies, decide which ones to invest in and how to utilize them, and as well compete on a global level. This is why some of the biggest challenges businesses face today are best met addressed by having a technology partner.

ZOL Zimbabwe, as your technology partner is perfectly placed to help you and your business by giving you an all in one solution that gives you a real advantage over your competitors.

To this end, ZOL Zimbabwe is now offering Microsoft cloud services including office 365 to its ZOL Customers providing them with choice and flexibility to solve business challenges and achieve real outcomes.

Office 365 is a cloud based service that allows for greater agility, flexibility and as well as security to grow your business. Regardless of your business size and needs, there is an office 365 package that can cater to your requirements. Some of the features in Office 365 include fully installed office applications, office on PCs and mobile devices, online file storage and sharing, email services among a suite of other services.

But why choose Office 365

In this rapidly changing environment, workers are constantly on the go. Office 365 means that businesses can have greater agility and flexibility as the workers can have their office away from office. Employees can easily access any of their Microsoft office documents from anywhere in the world provided they is internet without having to worry about security or downtime as Office 365 has a 99% uptime guarantee. 

Greater Collaboration
Office 365 also allows your employees to collaborate in real time with online collaboration tools such as SharePoint, Skype for Business, Teams and Yammer. This means more work can get done in a faster and more efficient manner.

With ZOL Zimbabwe you are able to pay for the Microsoft cloud services in monthly subscriptions and in local currency saving your business the hassle of foreign payments and having to pay the usual annual licenses.

To find out more about the Office 365 package contact our ZOL Sales team at , 08677111111.