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  • Monthly data: 50%
  • Night Owl: 0%
  • Remaining data: 50%
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GB Remaining

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Night Owl11pm - 6am

  • Monthly data: 0%
  • Night Owl: 0%
  • Remaining data: 0%
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The health icon represents the performance of your internet service.

This colour is an indication of the health based on your usage trend over the last few weeks. The colour can vary from green, through yellow and orange to red. Green represents good health and red, bad health.

The number or bars represents the health based on your usage trend over the last few hours. The more bars, the healthier the link, and the better the service you will experience.

So, colour is for health over the last few weeks, and number of bars is for health over the last few hours.

  1. Take it easy during business hours to stay healthy.
  2. You might want to consider upgrading your package if your health is consistently orange or red.
  3. Colour has more long term impact on service performance than number of bars. It’s easier to gain bars than it is to change colour.

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For any issues with your current service, please contact the knowledgeable staff in the support term.

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