Your Office away from Office

12 October 2017


In this rapidly changing digital world, companies and businesses need to move with the times. It’s no longer business as usual anymore. No longer is it a necessity to have or operate from a physical office as advancement in technology has made it possible to work from almost anywhere. All you need is a reliable internet connection and portable devices such as laptops and smartphones.

To this end ZOL’s Fibroniks on the Go makes it possible for you to have an office away from the office. This is especially good news for mobile employees who work outside the office. For instance, a sales person can effortlessly retrieve a presentation from the cloud in case they want to pitch to a prospective customer on the go.

Bloggers and media people can easily do their job on the go as they can effortlessly write their stories in real-time and publish, while filmmakers get speeds good enough for live-streaming.

To enjoy all this all it simply takes is signing up for ZOL’s Fibroniks business package and adding your employees to the service and you will never have to worry about having a budget for Wi-Fi vouchers.

But how do you get your employees on Office FOTG?

Fibroniks-on-the-Go for business works in the same way as FOTG for home. Employees on any ZOL Office Fibroniks package can access the internet from over 300 ZOLspots (ZOL Zimbabwe’s Wi-Fi hotspots) countrywide at no extra cost. The exciting thing about FOTG for business is that the internet is unlimited.

The account holder or administrator simply creates a Fibroniks on the Go account user ID for the business and adds employees that he/she wants to have access. Employees added on the service by the account holder will receive connection instructions by email and will be able to easily connect from any Wi-Fi supported device (e.g. smart phone, tablet or laptop). For iOS users connection is automatic.

What ZOL Office Fibroniks packages are available?

ZOL provides value for money unlimited data packages, which start from as little as $175 per month. The entry package can accommodate up to 5 light users and can have Fibroniks on the Go for up to 5 devices including 5 e-mail addresses with 1GB of space. To read more about these visit our website at or contact ZOL Sales team at , 08677111111.