With Fibroniks convenience has never been so good

10 October 2017


How many times do you need to access large files urgently but cannot because you do not have access to Wi-Fi? In most cases you cannot depend on mobile data as it is costly and sometimes unreliable depending on your location. 

Or better yet, you urgently need to download an app which can only be downloaded over Wi-Fi but you don’t have access.

The result is, you are stuck.

Most people unfortunately have lost plenty of opportunities in this manner. Thankfully, ZOL Fibroniks subscribers have been enjoying internet away from home with Fibroniks on the Go! 

Launched in 2015, Fibroniks on the Go has been a game changing technology that has seen thousands accessing Wi-Fi from over 300 ZOLspots across the country. Such convenience has been hailed by many fortunate to use the service. 

What really is Fibroniks on the Go?

Fibroniks-on-the-Go is a service that is available to Fibroniks subscribers which enables them to access their home internet from over 300 ZOLspots (ZOL Zimbabwe’s Wi-Fi hotspots) countrywide at no extra cost. The service offers the user a means to enjoy their home internet service (Fibroniks) away from home or on the move, hence the name “Fibroniks-on-the-go”.

As long as you have an active Fibroniks connection you can register a certain number of devices for free unlimited access to ZOLspots nationwide, the number of devices you can register depends on the package you are on.

How do I register for the service?

Registering for Fibroniks on the Go is easy. This can only be done by the Fibroniks account owner who can creates a Fibroniks on the Go account user ID for themselves and for family and friends. Anyone added on the service by the account holder will receive connection instructions by email and will be able to easily connect from any Wi-Fi supported device (e.g. smart phone, tablet or laptop). For iOS users connection is automatic.

Since this registration process is a once-off requirement, there will not be any need to go to myZOL to get connected the next time the user gets to a ZOLspot.
Fibroniks on the Go taps into the home internet of the user so their home data will be declining in line with their ZOLspot usage

Is my data safe?
Connecting to ZOLsecure allows the user to enjoy a secure connection which allows for data encryption between your device and the access point so you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is safe.

What ZOL Fibroniks packages are available?

ZOL provides value for money capped and uncapped data packages, which start from as little as $29 per month. There is also the option of topping up your data in case you run out of data. You can also take advantage of the Night Owl option which gives you double your data at an extra little charge.

To find out more about these packages and more visit our website at www.zol.co.zw or contact ZOL Sales team at sales@teamzol.co.zw , 08677111111.