How to get ZOL Fibroniks connection: It's as easy as ABC

22 June 2017

What if the latest broadband technology could be connected straight to your home allowing you to enjoy superfast internet with speeds of up to 100megabytes per second?

What if all it took to enjoy the best internet experience was $29 per month and what if you got a free phone, free calls and free minutes on top of that?

And what if you did not need to own a landline to access the high-speed internet?

Thanks to ZOL, the fastest Broadband provider in Zimbabwe - the best internet connection can be brought straight to your house.

All you have to do is sign up and within 5 days, ZOL will have you connected to its reliable, affordable, weather-proof and fast Fibroniks internet.

Unlike older technology that rely on a landline to connect you to the internet, fibre optic broadband relies on a whole new infrastructure to guarantee faster internet connectivity.

The company has invested in deploying the Fibroniks Network in different areas around the country and continues to expand the network. Check on the ZOL website if your area is covered by Fibroniks.

If not, do not despair. Proceed to and check on the map to see which service is available in your area.

ZOL offers a swift and free installation service and this is how they do it.

Step 1: Sign up and then pay up

Or go to our website A simple 5-step online sign up process means you can subscribe for Fibroniks in under 2 minutes and be connected for free, within days!

It is simple to signup for Fibroniks: Contact our sales team on 08677 111 111 or email for assistance.

Installation for ZOL Fibroniks takes between 3 to 5 days and the clock starts ticking from the moment you make payment. Sometimes people will sign up (as in fill in the forms) but not make the payment then wonder why they are not getting connected. So, sign up and then pay up so that by the end of that day (when payment is made) your installation job will be evaluated and queued. Your first payment goes to your monthly subscription.

Step 2: Mapping a path for your cable
When your installation job is queued, a team will be assigned to proceed with installing fibre at your home. This team will call you to arrange a date and time that suits you and when they arrive, you must be available to grant them access onto your premises. With your consent, the contractors will map out a path to dig and lay the pipe then drill into your house to lay the tube (where the fibre threads will run through). Fibre cannot be laid in any other way except through digging for about a meter or half a meter beneath the surface to bring the cables directly into your home. This is to ensure the fiber is protected from garden digging to keep you connected without disruptions.

Step 3: Connecting your home
Once a tube has been laid into your home, a process known as ‘blowing’ is carried out. This is a process through which fibre threads are blown into the tube that is running into your home. An engineer will then finalise the connection into the modem in the house and your service will be activated. The entire installation process will be done free of charge and in the shortest space of time.

Get your home connected to the best internet technology within days when you sign up for ZOL Fibroniks.

Source - MyZOL Staff Writer