Dropbox is rolling out its own fibre network

20 June 2017

Dropbox is rolling out its own international private network to ensure users can access data quicker.

According to a report by Fortune, the company aims to counter “bottlenecks” on the Internet by doing this.

The report stated that the company is removing third-party load balancers and replacing them with its “own software running on standard Linux hardware”.

Dropbox also plans to use its own fibre to carry its traffic.

“We want to make user experience as real time as possible, since 70% of our users are outside the US and most of the data lives in North America,” says Dan Williams, Dropbox’s head of production engineering.

Williams said the company is purchasing dark fibre within metro areas and is leasing long-haul services which cross the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

“We’re not in the business of laying cable – only a few companies in the world need that sort of capability.”

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Source - mybroadband.co.za