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# What is Liquid Home Phone?

It is a VoIP (Voice over IP) service, that converts standard telephone audio into digital format that can be transmitted over the internet, and by converting incoming digital phone signals from the internet to standard telephone audio.

# How do I top-up Liquid Home Phone?

Vouchers can be purchased:

  1. Online at with EcoCash and PayNow.
  2. From any Liquid Home shop.

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For instant access, you can purchase top-ups in any of the following ways:

On the myLiquid Home website,

  1. Select the tab for your preferred method of purchase; Ecocash or PayNow.
  2. Click the VOIP button.
  3. Then fill-in the fields where required and select the top-up you'd like.
  4. Click the Order button to confirm.
  5. Follow prompts to complete the order.

On your myLiquid Home mobile app,

  1. Go to My AccountBuy a top-up.
  2. Click on the VoIP service you would like to purchase a top-up for.
  3. Select Purchase Top-up.
  4. Select your preferred method of purchase; EcocashPayNow or My Balance.
  5. Then fill-in the fields where required and select the top-up you'd like.
  6. Click the tick next to Purchase top-up to confirm.
  7. Follow prompts to complete the purchase.

# Where do I get Liquid Home Phone vouchers?

Vouchers can be purchased by using any one of the following options:

  • online here at with EcoCash, TeleCash, VISA, MasterCard or ZimSwitch.
  • from any Liquid Home or Econet shop

# What handset can I use?

Any analog handset can work with Liquid Home Phone

# Can I use Liquid Home Phone on my smart phone (Android or iPhone)?

Yes you can, using the Liquid Home Phone App available for Android and iOS.

Liquid Home Phone app is an evolution of our voice service that allows for subscribers to be reachable wherever they are at very low costs.

All you need to make and receive calls is to: 

  • Download the Liquid Home Phone app from either Google Play Store or Apple App Store on your smart device
  • Use the registration information you receive via email when you sign up for a ZiNumber to set up your account in the app.
  • A data connection such as Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G.

To Find out more about how you can sign up for your ZiNumber Click Here


# I don't have FibroniX, can I still use Liquid Home Phone?

Yes you can, through the Liquid Home Phone app!

All you need to do is come to our Liquid Home office with a copy of your valid ID, fill in the forms and pay a $1 registration fee for your ZiNumber.

Once you have registered for your number, you will receive an email with  your registration details for the Liquid Home Phone App.

Once your registration details have been captured by the app, you can start to enjoy the ZiNumber experience with the Liquid Home Phone app

# Can I have more than 1 Liquid Home Phone number?

Yes, you can! all you have to do is step into one of the Liquid Home shops and register the numbers you need.

Click here for more information on how you can sign up your additional numbers.

# What are the Liquid Home Phone tariffs?

  • 10c per minute for all Zimbabwean networks 
  • For international tariffs, click here

# What is ZiNumber?

ZiNumber is the first 5 digits of the Liquid Home Phone service’s phone number “08677”. 

ZiNumber can also be looked at as Zimbabwe’s Number connecting the people to their loved ones freely and to the world affordably.


# Can businesses enjoy features such as number mobility using the Liquid Home Phone app?

Yes they can!

All you need is the account registration details for the office number you will want to use on the go. Once set up Liquid Home Phone clients can be reachable both in the office and on their mobile devices.

# Do I need to get a sim card or change my current mobile network to use ZiNumber?

Not at all!

In reality there is no difference between Liquid Home Phone and other voice services such as fixed landline and mobile network solutions in terms of making and receiving calls. The major difference lies in how it all works:


  • Liquid Home Phone works as a virtual line, meaning there is no need for a physical sim card or physical telephone connection.
  • VOIP, the technology which works by coding your voice so that it can be sent over the Internet.
  • The service can work on any VoIP capable device such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, company telephony systems.
  • For businesses, Liquid Home Phone can be integrated with existing telephone reducing setup costs and getting the service up and running within a few minutes. Moving offices is no longer a hassle. Wherever you move to, your Liquid Home Phone line moves with you. Businesses also get to enjoy the benefits of least cost routing, bringing down their telephone bills significantly