Service Switching

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# What is the new upgrade/downgrade feature on the myLiquid Home self-service platform?

This new feature allows you to easily upgrade or downgrade your internet service directly through your myLiquid Home account, without needing to submit a ticket. It is efficient and convenient, allowing you to manage your subscription changes 24/7.

# How do I upgrade/downgrade my service?

  1. Select My services.
  2. Select Manage Service.
  3. Select Upgrade/Downgrade.
  4. Select the desired service and click proceed.

# How long will it take for my downgrade/upgrade to be processed and activated?

Service downgrade/upgrade via myLiquid Home takes up to an hour to process. Once complete, you are switched over to the selected package which will reflect on your myLiquid Home services. Should you not see the new package, try refreshing your page.

# Will there be any service disruption during the process?

No, you will still be able to use your current package up until the changeover is done.

# Is there a fee associated with upgrading/downgrading via myLiquid Home?

There is no fee associated with this, however, your myLiquid Home account needs to have enough credit balance for the package that you wish to go to.

# Will my billing cycle be affected if I upgrade or downgrade my plan mid-cycle?

No, a pro-rating method will be used to maintain the billing cycle.

# Can I switch between different packages whenever I want?

Yes, the feature allows flexibility on when you can change the package, however, terms and conditions apply.

# Will I need to sign a new contract or agree to different terms and conditions?

No, the existing contract remains unchanged.

# What if I need help choosing the right plan or have questions about the upgrade/downgrade process?

We offer online resources and support options through live chat on myLiquid Home, or you can contact our contact centre team on 08677123123.

# If I am currently subscribed to a promotional offer, will upgrading or downgrading affect its validity period?

Yes, if you move to a non-promotional package, the new package validity period will apply.

# What happens to my Pay As You Go data when I upgrade to an unlimited package?

Any unutilized data will be forfeited. It is best practice to align service change times with the expiration of current bundle to prevent loss of data.

# What movements qualify for an upgrade/downgrade?

  • • Moving from a Pay As You Go package to an unlimited one.
  • • Moving between unlimited packages.
  • • Moving from an unlimited package to Pay As You Go package.

# Terms and Conditions

1. Data Management: The customer will be responsible for management of their data. Any unutilized Pay As You Go or promotional data balances at the time of upgrade/downgrade will be forfeited and will not be compensated.
Package change: Only one downgrade is permitted per month whilst the number of upgrades is unlimited.