SME Migration from ZOL to Liquid Business

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# Why the migration?

ZOL Zimbabwe is a wholly owned subsidiary of Liquid Intelligent Technologies (LIT), and has gone through an internal re-organisation exercise which will result in the transfer of all existing telecommunications services to its parent company LIT.

The re-organisation of ZOL Zimbabwe is part of LIT's plan to deliver top tier offerings that cater to your ever-evolving needs.

# What will happen to ZOL Zimbabwe?

ZOL Zimbabwe will remain functional but only as a wholesale buyer and seller of equipment to Liquid Intelligent Technologies. Therefore, there will be no interaction with customers and ZOL Zimbabwe.

# Who is Liquid Business?

Liquid Business is a sub-brand of Liquid Intelligent Technologies, its mandate is to know your Business either by increasing your productivity or managing and optimizing your total cost of ownership. Liquid Business builds integrated bespoke ICT solutions that transforms your business.

# Will I be required to sign a new contract?

Yes, you will be required to sign a LIT Master Service Agreement (MSA). For more information visit

The MSA is the contract between LIT and the customer and is the basis upon which the services will be provided. In the absence of this contract, we cannot provide services to customers.

We have sent an email with detailed information pertaining to the new contract, if you have not received an email kindly contact your account manager.

# What changes should I expect to see with the migration from ZOL Zimbabwe to Liquid Business?

  1. Walk in centres with Liquid Business Logo.
  2. Marketing materials such as billboards and posters will be branded to Liquid Intelligent Technologies.
  3. Our contact details have changed as shown below. Liquid Intelligent Technologies has introduced a dedicated line 08677100100 exclusive to business packages and our dedicated agents are on standby to swiftly resolve any of your communication, connectivity or collaboration needs, fault reporting and any other enquiries on the Liquid Intelligent Technologies network.
    Operating hours are weekdays from 8am – 5pm and weekends 8am – 1pm. Calls received outside these hours will be redirected to 08677123123 for assistance.

    Phone number

    Area Phone number
    Support 08677100100

    Email addresses and website have also changed as follows:

    Area Previous email address New email address

    Website addresses

    Previous website New website
    myZOL - Knowledge Base myLiquid Home - Knowledge Base
    myZOL mobile app myLiquid Home (iOS & Android) mobile app

    Social media handle

      Previous handle New handle
    Twitter @ZOLconnect @LiquidhomeZIM
    Facebook @ZOLconnect @LiquidhomeZIM
    Instagram @ZOLconnect @LiquidhomeZIM
    Linked In ZOLconnect @LiquidhomeZIM
    TikTok @ZOLconnect @LiquidhomeZIM
    YouTube channel ZOLconnect Liquid homeZW

  4. The website will change.
  5. Social media platforms.

# Are there any price changes associated with this migration?

No, however any price adjustments that arise will be communicated as usual to your billing email address.

# Will my current package change i.e., speed, billing dates.

No, your package will remain the same, for example the billing date will not change, whether its calendar month (billed from first to the last day of every month) or Anniversary billing.

# How will I pay for my service?

The methods of payment have changed, visit Payment & Billing.

# Will your banking details change?

Yes, the banking details will change as follows:

Banking details

Take note of the following:

  • Our EcoCash biller code will remain the same as 01866 however, instead of the business name ZOL you will see the business name LIT (Liquid Intelligent Technologies)
  • Bank USSD will remain the same however, you will see the business name Liquid Home instead of ZOL

# Will I still have the flexibility to upgrade and downgrade my account?

Yes, you will still have the flexibility of upgrading or downgrading your account. However, you will not be able to downgrade to home packages.

# Will I still be able to visit the walk-in centres or service centres for assistance?

Yes, you can visit our walk-in centres for assistance.

# Will I experience any downtime during the migration?

No, you will not experience any downtime when you migrate.

# Will Fair Usage policy still apply?

Yes, fair usage policy will still apply.

# Who can I contact should I have further questions on this migration?

# Additional information

As of 1 March 2022, all customers are required to pay a 10% Excise duty for all Internet and VoIP services as stipulated by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ).