Anniversary Billing

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# What is Anniversary billing and how does it differ from my current plan?

With effect from 1 August 2019, Liquid Home will be changing all unlimited customer accounts to Anniversary Billing. In this Billing model, you will be billed for subscribed services on the same day of the month that corresponds to the day you were first activated. This makes tracking your billing cycle convenient and differs from Calendar-Month Billing which has a universal, preset billing date for all accounts.

# As an existing customer is it mandatory for me to change my current billing cycle.

No. This option is only applicable to customers who are not comfortable with the current billing cycle.

# I am an existing customer; how will my billing cycle be regularized to anniversary billing?

Firstly, you will be required to select your preferred billing date. We request that you click here to register/login on myLiquid Home and select your preferred billing date in line with Anniversary Billing requirements before 20 September 2019.

Please note that failure to register on the myLiquid Home self-service portal or provide your preferred billing date will result in the auto-selection of the 1st day of each month as your default billing date

# Why am l paying twice in October?

The first invoice will be prorated; this means, you will be charged for the period 1 October to your preferred billing date. The second invoice you will receive thereafter, will be a full invoice for the selected cycle.

For instance, if you select the 10th as your preferred billing date you will receive an invoice for the period :1/10/19 – 9/10/19 and a full invoice for the preferred billing cycle 10/10/19 – 9/11/19.

# If I change packages after my billing cycle starts, will my billing date remain the same?

Yes. Adjustments on the package change will be made around your billing cycle which will remain static.

# Will my account be suspended in October?

All unpaid accounts will be suspended on the 6th of October 2019.

# Will the same grace period for payments that was extended to me in the past be maintained?

Yes. A five (5) day grace period from the due date will be extended to all customers.

Disclaimer: Any usage accumulated during the grace period will be accounted for on the monthly subscription or the next billing date.

# If I do not make payment for my subscription on time, will my billing cycle change to the date I make payment?

No. Your billing cycle remains static.

# Will all my services be set to the same anniversary billing date if they commenced on different dates? e.g. Domains, IP Address, O365 etc.


# On which date can I expect my invoice?

Once regularization is complete, you can expect to receive your invoice 10 days before they are due.