4 Key Factors That Affect Internet Quality and Speed

25 July 2022

Is your current internet connection frustratingly slow? Or is the connection so unstable that you can’t do video conferencing? In both situations, you need to understand the factors that affect internet quality and speed. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to resolve the issues to optimize internet efficiency. Read on for valuable insights.

The following factors affect internet speed and quality:


1. Location

Location, in this context, has two meanings. One is the geographical location of your home or business; the other is where you place your router. Internet quality and speed are determined by the proximity of your physical location to your provider’s coverage area or base station .

To check your proximity, inquire about your provider’s coverage map. The map will show you the areas they cover, including the distance of various locations from their central mast. The closer you are, the better is the internet quality. Therefore, choose a provider that’s close to your area.

2. Hardware

Generally, you access the internet through various devices such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

Unknown to many, the ‘standard’ of your equipment affects internet speed. If your laptop utilizes old technology, you might find it challenging to enjoy reliable internet. The components that typically affect speed are Wi-Fi cards and adapters. Ensure your hardware is updated as most innovations and upgrades enhance efficiency. With upgraded equipment, you’ll enjoy better internet quality and speed.

Furthermore, your internet speed also depends on the accessories you utilize. Different Ethernet cables have varying efficiencies if you’re using cable internet. Therefore, you need to vet your equipment adequately before purchase. If you are on WibroniX packages your equipment is also a key factor

3. Internet Use

How you utilize your internet also affects the speed of your internet. If you operate several applications or operations in one go, all of which use the internet, expect slow internet.

This is because the various applications will be competing for the same internet. It’s just like sharing a cake. If there are two or three of you, each will get a significant portion. On the other hand, ten of you will get a small slice if there are ten of you.

4. Number Of Users

The number of internet users will affect your internet speed and quality in various ways.

One, there are certain times during the day when a sizable portion of the population in your area is using the internet. This typically happens during working hours, but you could also experience unstable internet in the evening.

The number of Wi-Fi users also affects internet speed. The cake concept previously mentioned also applies in this case. Therefore, the more people in your home or office utilising the same Wi-Fi, the slower your internet speed. You can counter this by upgrading your subscription to higher bandwidth to accommodate multiple users without compromising internet quality.

Therefore, for faster internet speeds, refrain from running various operations concurrently.