Seven Deadly Technology Sins

10 March 2020

We all do it. We make mistakes doing things we shouldn't do, but what if those things you're doing —or not doing— could cost you your company and everything you've worked so hard to achieve? 

We’ve put together a list of the top 7 Deadly Technology Sins to help guide you toward a more productive and cybersecure future.

  1. Not Updating Your Computer –Making sure your computer is up to date will patch any security vulnerabilities from the manufacturer. Click here and stay secure. 
  2. Not Rebooting Your Computer - A reboot can clear up many software issues, as well as give your computer a chance to install those updates you’ve been putting off. It gives the operating system and your applications a chance to start fresh.
  3. Having a Modern Antivirus – Antivirus software has changed significantly. If your antivirus is not evolving with the times, you are leaving your systems open to infection or invasion. 
  4. Bad Password Security – We have harped on this enough – but you're opening yourself up to vulnerability by having little to no password security – if it’s the stick note on the screen monitor or using the same password for every account is asking for trouble.
  5. Not Backing Up Important Data – Nor testing the backups you have. Many businesses still don’t have a system backing up their import data.  Back it up and test it, it’s the only way to keep your data safe.
  6. Putting Insecure or Unapproved Devices on your Company network - If something needs to change on your network, whether it’s a new computer, a wireless printer, a network connected speaker… these devices could cause your network horrifying disruptions. Providing your support team with the network device information will help them ensure your network is secure and updated by tracking and making sure those devices have any vulnerabilities patched.
  7. Not Having an IT Support Team in place to keep your tech on the straight and narrow.