Value Added Services (VAS): Get more out of every dollar

15 June 2017

Times are hard and budgets are thin.

Every spending choice and purchasing decision has to be informed by real value, quality of service and the guarantee that one’s needs will be met. It is about finding a service provider who has figured out what the customer really values, and has invested in configuring their business to successfully deliver it.

This is the case with the country’s leading internet service provider, ZOL Zimbabwe which has fully appreciated the evolving needs of customers and introduced several premium but affordable value-added services.

By signing up with ZOL, customers are guaranteed of getting the best value for their hard-earned money. For instance, if you were to invest in home internet and choose ZOL as your service provider, you would end up with more than just home internet.

From just $29, you could sign up for ZOL Fibroniks and invest in superfast home internet that would benefit every member of the household instead of having each family member incurring separate costs through purchasing daily, weekly or monthly mobile data bundles. Everyone deserves to be affordably and conveniently connected, within minutes.

Speaking of being conveniently connected, the ZOL online signup is a simple 5-step process that you can complete in under 2minutes on and you can pay using Ecocash, PayNow or ZIPIT from your mobile banking app. You would not have to sweat it at all.

With the $29 Fibroniks Lite package, you would get 25GB of data every month with speeds of up to 5mbps and ZOL would install internet for free at your home within 96hours.

You got home internet – what else is there?

With other service providers, if you pay for home internet – that’s all you get. Which is fair, right? However, a service provider worth their salt should be willing and able to go the extra mile – like ZOL.  When you sign up for Fibroniks Lite priced at just $29, you can enjoy the following premium and low-priced value-added services:

Fibroniks-on-the-Go: Roaming on home internet
You know how you can roam on your mobile network? Well ZOL has an innovation that allows you to enjoy access to your home internet... even when you are not at home – it will be like you are roaming with your home internet. Through a homegrown innovation called Fibroniks-on-the-Go, ZOL will enable you to access your home internet at over 300 ZOLspots nationwide - without incurring any extra costs. Now that is real value.

Free ZOLphone: Enjoy free ZOL-to-ZOL calls on 08677
When you sign up for a Fibroniks Lite home internet package, ZOL will give you a FREE ZOLphone, with FREE minutes and you can also enjoy FREE ZOL-to-ZOL calls (i.e to all 08677 numbers). ZOLphone guarantees you the lowest call rates with local networks charged at $0.10 per minute. That’s not all. ZOLphone offers per second billing which means if your call lasts 20 seconds you are charged less than 10cents (since the rate is $0.10 per minute).

Night Owl Service: Get 1GB for 70cents
With a capped Fibroniks package, you can double your data by paying a small fee to enjoy night browsing without worrying about burning through your data. On Fibroniks Lite, you can get 25GB of extra data for just $6, by opting for the Night Owl service. This means you pay $35 for 50GB of data, which translates to 1GB of data for just 70 cents! This is undeniable value!

Backup your data: With CrashPlan For Africa
ZOL understands the value of your personal data and that you store a lot of that data on your devices. Whether it is family photos, videos, soft copies of your important documents (eg marriage certificates, title deeds or academic transcripts) or perhaps school assignments and projects you have worked hard on – you never want to lose any of it. ZOL has a backup solution to make sure you never lose your data even should disaster strike. From $4.99 you can enjoy CrashPlan for Africa’s silent and continuous backup which works whenever your device is online. CrashPlan is a highly secured backup system that encrypts your data before the data leaves your computer. You can recover and access all your data from anywhere. Let ZOL give you peace of mind with CrashPlan backup!

Protect your online experience: ESET for Home
Parenting in the internet age is challenging. Especially if your children are more tech savvy than you are. ZOL brings you the best tool to help you protect your children on the internet and to ensure you enjoy a safer online experience. From $3.30 per month you can get ESET multi-device protection which will secure every family member’s device (cellphones, laptops, tablets, desktops, etc). From that same $3.30 monthly you also get internet security to protect you from hacking. Your online banking and shopping is protected from any online fraud. ESET Parental Control is also available which allows you to block age inappropriate sites and limit the time they spend on online activities.

These are some of the value-added services you can enjoy with a ZOL Fibroniks lite home internet package of $29. Not only that, you would become part of the customer base of ZOL, which is the retail arm of Liquid Telecom which happens to be the first company that introduced Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH), connecting households onto high-speed fibre network. In short, you'd experience the fastest internet speeds in Zimbabwe, riding on the backbone infrastructure of the leading internet access provider on the African continent.

Think about it - you can get more out of every dollar when you sign up for ZOL Fibroniks, from as low as $29 per month.

Source - MyZOL Staff Writer