Ransomware: The only protection is user-education

12 June 2017

“Ransomware is a very real threat to businesses and individuals alike, and when it comes to online security, it is arguably the most damaging threat.

“Yet, many people still don’t know what ransomware is, even though this type of cyber threat has been aggressively spreading over the internet, with results that can impact both financially as well as reputationally – and the threat is only going to get more hostile,” says Drew van Vuuren, Data Protection Officer, ESET South Africa.

The simple fact is that there is limited protection against ransomware, with no antivirus or end-point security solution technology able to protect you.

Protection comes down to user-education and good business practice, and for any business, it is a must have that disaster recovery is in place if they hope to come out of a ransomware breach relatively unscathed.

Ransomware is a malware that infects a computer and encrypts all its files.

Cybercriminals then offer an ultimatum to their victim: pay the demanded ransom or lose your data forever.

If you are susceptible and become a target you have no choice, either you pay or rebuild your system – there is no third option.

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Source - MyBroadband.co.za