How to troubleshoot Fibroniks Fault


Should your Fibroniks service stop working, please check the status of the indicator lights on your Internet modem (ONT).

  LED Status  
No. PON LOS Indication
1 Off Off The ONT is disabled by the OLT(check if device is powered on, both lights should never be off at the same time)
2 Blinks rapidly (twice per second) Off The ONT is attempting to set up a connection with Liquid Home (The modem is live but requires settings. These can usually be configured remotely. Please contact our support team)
(perfect working condition)
Always on Off The connection between the ONT and the Liquid Home is UP and provisoned
(fibre problem)
Off Blinks slowly (once every two seconds)
(or Solid red)
This shows loss of service. It can be a result of a fold or loose connection of the thin cable that connects your modem to the white box on the wall.
(If the thin cable is securely plugged in on both ends, please contact our support team)
5 Blinks quickly
(twice per second)
Blinks quickly
(twice per second)
This indicates a faulty modem.
(Please contact our support team)