How to troubleshoot Fibre MPLS


Should your fibre Internet stop working,

Check the status of the lights on the Media convertor to see if the link is up

  1. 6 lights mean the Fibre link is normal. Restart your terminating device (the first device on your local area network, that is directly connected to the Trendnet media converter). This is usually a router or server,
  2. 3 lights mean there is a problem with the connection between the Trendnet media converter and the terminating device on your network, usually a router or sever. Make sure the cable is properly connected. If the cable is securely plugged in, use the method of elimination by,

    ⁃  replacing the cable with a different one. If the light status remains the same
    ⁃  change the terminating device directly connected to the converter e.g. connect a laptop in place of your router or server.
  3. 4 lights mean there is a fibre break (FDX and FX led OFF). Contact our support team for assistance.

Fiber Media Converter