What are my options should I wish to pay for an unlimited package in USD?

Price Adjustments

Option 1

You can request for conversion of your Zimbabwean Dollars (ZWL) denominated account to United States Dollars (USD) denominated account. To facilitate this, email zw-billing@liquid.tech and include the following information:

  • • A clear statement expressing your interest to convert your Zimbabwean Dollars (ZWL) denominated to United States Dollars (USD) denominated account.
  • • Full Name
  • • Customer ID
  • • Effective Date for the Conversion.

Our Billing team will evaluate and process the request. You will be notified once the conversion has been successfully executed.

Option 2

You can make a USD payment into a ZWL Liquid Home Account. Take note this form of payment can only be processed in-store, and our cashiers will apply the Reserve Bank auction rate of the day to determine the equivalent amount in USD.