How do I change my wi-fi network password?

Modem Management

Do you want to change your wi-fi network password? Simply follow the steps below:

On the myLiquid Home website,

  1. Click on My Account > My services.
  2. Click the option Manage services to view all the service's details.
    NOTE:If you have a compatible modem, the page that follows is where you will see the Modem card.
  3. Click on Manage device.
  4. Click the Update name/password button and wait.
  5. Click the Update password tab.
  6. Enter the new password and re-type new password.
  7. Click SAVE to confirm.

The new wi-fi network password might take a couple of minutes to take effect.

Remember, if you are currently connected to this wi-fi network, you will immediately be disconnected because of this password change. You will need to reconnect to the wi-fi network, and then enter the new password.