How do I access Liquid Home Spot with my FibroniX package?

Liquid Home Spot

To register for FibroniX on the Go, follow these are simple steps:

  • • A FibroniX account owner can go to a Liquid Home Spot and log onto myLiquid Home
  • • Once the account owner has logged in, they can create a Fibroniks on the Go User ID for themselves and create User IDs for family and friends.
  • • Anyone that the account owner adds to Fibroniks on the Go, will be sent connection instructions by email and will be able to easily connect from any Wi-Fi supported device (e.g. smart phone, tablet or laptop).

Since this registration process is a once-off requirement, there will not be any need to go to myLiquid Home to get connected the next time the user gets to a Liquid Home Spot.