Additional information

Liquid Home Emails

Take note each package comes with a standard disk space of 5GB, and additional disk space is also available in increments of 5GB should you require it. Liquid Home Zimbabwe will charge you for each additional 5GB of disk space at the prevailing bank rates.

Setting up

  1. For customers with mail accounts configured using POP, you may need to create a new profile. For steps on how to set up a mail account with POP visit:

    Setting up a mail account with POP

  2. For more information on how to set up other mail applications please visit:

    Setting up other mail applications


Access to old emails

  • You can access your old emails on the new profile.
  • If you can’t find a particular email in the new profile you can always go to the old profile on your machine and move it to the new email profile.

Deleting duplicates mails

  • Duplicate emails on the old profile, may still appear in the new profile.
  • Emails deleted on the new profile will be permanently deleted.
  • When deleting emails on your new profile, please ensure you are deleting the correct emails as this process cannot be undone.