How do I get connected?

FibroniX on the Go


To get connected as FibroniX on the Go user, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Go to any Liquid/Liquid Home Wi-Fi zone and connect to the AfricaHub Secure Passpoint SSID.
  2. Login with the Wi-Fi login username and password sent to you after registering as a user for Fibroniks on the go.
    NOTE: See How do I register? for steps on how to register for FibroniX on the go.

Since this registration process is a once-off requirement, there will not be any need to go to myLiquid Home to get connected the next time the user gets to a Liquid/Liquid Home Wi-Fi zone.

***You do not pay. FibroniX on the Go taps into the home internet of the Account Owner so their home data will be declining in line with the data used from SasaiWiFi hotspots.