How to change Mail Server Settings on ThunderBird application

Email Server Upgrade

Our guide below will show you how to open the Account Settings window in your ThunderBird application so that you can change your server settings. Once you are done, you can test the new settings to ensure that the application can communicate with your email account.

Changing the Incoming and Outgoing Server Settings in ThunderBird Application

The steps in this article will show you how to change the server settings for you r existing email account in ThunderBird application. This includes the incoming and outgoing servers that your email account connects to for mail that you send, and mail that you receive.

  1. Open ThunderBird Application.
  2. Click the desired mailbox to reveal the options page, then proceed to click on the “Account Settings” tab at the top right handside of the window.

    Account Settings
  3. Under the “Account Settings” window, click “Server Settings” from the drop down list and proceed to replace the incoming server settings under the “Server Name” input field and corresponding port number.

    Server Settings
  4. Click on the “Outgoing Server” tab, from the drop down list that appears proceed to select the desired outgoing server and proceed to modify the settings from the list at the window were applicable, then click “OK”.

    Ongoing Server
  5. An addition dialogue box will appear prompting you to enter the password. Then click “OK”.

    Ongoing Server

    At this point your ThunderBird application will make sure that it can connect to your email servers. Alternatively, it will close the account settings window.

This will conclude the setup process and you may proceed to utilize your mailbox as intended.