GreenPacket OD235 Outdoor Antenna & Other Indoor Routers

Configuration Guide

GreenPacket OD235 Outdoor Antenna 1
GreenPacket OD235 Outdoor Antenna 2

GreenPacket OD235 Outdoor Antenna

POE Adapter 1
POE Adapter 2

POE Adapter - Powers the Outdoor unit and connects to any Indoor Router

Other Wireless Router 1
Other Wireless Router 2

Other Wireless Routers: Trendnet, CISCO Lynksis, TP Link, Genius, ASUS etc

Steps on how to change your frequency in preparation for LTE maintenance:

On the myLiquid Home website,

  1. Connect to your Network through WiFi or ethernet cable to the indoor router.
  2. Open your usual internet Browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge).
  3. Type in in URL/Address Bar and press enter. (NB: do not select any “suggested results” from the browser. These usually take you to a different site).
    Address Bar
  4. On the login page that appears, put in:
    username: admin
    password: admin

  5. Select the first box indicated top left as Mobile Network/LTE.
    Mobile Network - LTE
  6. Click on Technology, then select LTE.
    ○ Go to Scan Mode option and select Dedicated EARFCN List.
    ○ On the table below, select Band 40 and add 39390,39462,39570 DL EARFCN.
    ○ Click Apply.
    Cell Selection
  7. Click on Status on the Menu Options to your left to check connection.
    Last Step
    That is the last step and you are done.

Click here for the June 2020 WiBroniks Maintenance Schedule.