Welcome Back Home Promotion

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# What is the Welcome Back Home Promotion?

Liquid Home is offering free data on select packages to inactive FibroniX and WibroniX customers who reactivate their accounts. Reactivating customers on unlimited packages will get a free month of service, while those on pay-as-you-go packages will get bonus data. Qualifying Pay-as-you-go packages will start from.

  1. FibroniX Lite 40GB and above.
  2. WibroniX 25GB and above.

NB: Inactive customers refer to customers who have not subscribed to our retail internet services for ninety (90) days or more.

# How long will the promotion run for?

The promotion shall run from the 21st of September 2023 to the 10th of December 2023.

# How do I reactivate my account?

Based on your current location, you will receive an email inviting you to reactivate your account. Make a payment into your account via the myLiquidHome app, your mobile banking app, for instant crediting.

Pay As You Go customers are required to convert their balance to data within the myLiquidHome app. For steps on how to convert the funds in your account to data visit https://bit.ly/3NOv0QD

NB: WibroniX services are subject to availability in your area.

# Will I be required to sign in a new service order form?

FibroniX customers will not be required to sign in new service order forms.

However, since WibroniX customers will receive new SIM cards, they will be required to sign new service order forms upon collection of SIM cards at the shop.

# Will the free data be automatically credited when I make a payment?

The free data will be credited to your account within fourteen working days of payment.

# What is the validity period of the free data and does it rollover?

The free data is valid for 30 days with a 30-day rollover.

# How many times will I get the free data?

Liquid Home shall credit the Eligible Customer’s account only ONCE during the promotion.

# Can I transfer the free data between accounts?

No, free data cannot be transferred between accounts.

# Who should I contact for further questions on this promotion?

# What are the Terms & Conditions?

You can find the Welcome Back Home Promotion Terms & Conditions here.