Proof of Payment Submission

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# How do I upload and send my Proof of Payment?

If you are registered on myLiquid Home, login and visit here to upload and send your POP. If you are not yet registered on myLiquid Home click here to register and follow the following steps:

  1. Select My Account and click on My bills.
  2. Click on Send Proof of Payment and follow the prompts.

# What is the maximum size of the POP attachment?

You can upload a POP file up to 10MB in size.

# What types of files can be uploaded?

All POP file types can be uploaded for example pdfs, images & documents.

# What happens after I submit my POP via the portal?

When a POP is submitted through the portal, a case number for the customer is created in the Billing ServiceNow queue and sent to the customer's registered email address in Prism. This case reference will be used for follow-ups.

# How soon can I expect my payment to be credited after POP submission?

Payments will be credited once they are reflected in Liquid Home bank accounts, which may take up to 24-48 hours.