Data transfer

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# What is Data transfer all about?

Data bundle transfer is the process of transferring data bundles from your account to another like account.

# How does it work?

Only pay-as-you-go services can transfer data. For instance, from one Pay as you go Fibronix service to another Fibronix service.

# How do I transfer the data bundle in-between accounts?

You can transfer data in any of the following ways:

On the myLiquid Home website,

  1. Log into your account:
  2. Go to My Account > My Transfers.
  3. Click on Add Transfer and then click the Transfer Data button next to the service you want to transfer data from.
  4. Select the type of data transfer you want to make (i.e. Top-up or Night Owl), enter the amount of data you'd like to transfer and then select the service you'd like to transfer to.
  5. Click the PROCEED button go to confirm the transfer details. An One-time password (OPT) will be sent to your registered email and/or mobile phone via SMS.
  6. On the Transfer Confirmation page, double-check all the transfer details, enter the OTP and accepts the Ts & Cs.
  7. Click the Confirm button to complete the transfer.

# Does the transferred data bundle roll-over?

Yes, the transferred data can be rolled over by purchasing a bundle.

# What security features are there?

A One-time password (OPT) will be sent to your registered email and SMS to make sure the process is safe and prevents unwanted access.

# Who can enjoy this new feature?

Only Pay as you go customers can transfer data between accounts.

# Can I access this feature via my mobile application?

No, you will be required to use our web interface by visiting and logging onto:

# Data Transfer Parameters

  • Minimum transfer of a 1 Gig.

  • Maximum transfer of 10 Gig per transaction.

  • Maximum transfer of 20 Gig per account (full month value).

  • Maximum of 2 transfers per month per account.

  • Data maintains validity of the client account it will be transferred from or received (whichever is the furthest).

  • Customer security when transacting (addition of a one-time pin to authorize transfer of data).

  • Data cannot be transferred from unlimited services to any other client accounts.

  • Data transfer is exclusive to only PAYG customers.

  • Upon successful data transfer, associated client accounts will be notified via email.

  • Data can only be transferred to active customer accounts (active within 60 days or less).