Price Adjustments

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# What are your reasons for adjusting the prices?

The inevitable price changes are due to business costs growing at a rate poised to outpace service delivery. This has led to an industry-wide approved 50% tariff increase with effect from 15 February 2023 and another 50% effective 01 April 2023 for products and services by the regulator POTRAZ, to allow telecoms businesses to remain viable. In light of the constraints mentioned above and in order for us to continue providing you with the same quality of services you have come to rely on, we have revised our prices upwards.

# In your email, what business costs are you referring to?

Please note that bandwidth is imported and as such there is need for foreign currency. The infrastructure also requires maintenance and upgrade which consistent with Liquid Home Zimbabwe’s continued effort of improving the quality of our network. In addition, the system we use to run the network and overall service delivery also impact on our cost.

# How do you calculate the increases?

Each increase is calculated based on the standing price in the month before the increase.

# Can one make a prepayment?

Any prepayments must be made against an invoice for the prepayment period.