Price Adjustments

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# What are your reasons for adjusting the prices?

The price adjustments are as a result of the regulator’s efforts to cushion the telecommunications operators to remain viable. These prices changes allow us to continue providing you with the best possible service.

# Did you ADJUST pricing on modem rentals?

Monthly rental and insurance charges have remained the same.

# When can I expect to see the invoice for the new tariffs?

Please expect to receive your invoice by the 3rd of November 2023.

# Am I going to be affected if I am paying in USD?

Pricing in USD will remain the same.

# Are you accepting advance payments?

All account payments in local currency (ZWL) exceeding one (1) month have been suspended. However, prepayments in United States dollars (USD) exceeding one (1) month are still acceptable. Please get in touch with billing at for more information.

# How do you calculate the increase?

Each increase was based on the standing price in the month before the increase.

For instance, assuming a customer is on FribroniX Family Entertainment package, the price in October 2023 was ZWL1,029,710.00; when calculating the 100% price increase, it is important to consider the total amount of ZWL$1,029,710.00, rather than taking into account any discounted amounts that may have been applicable during the period of August to October 2023 which was a discount of 25%.

November 2023 charge, maintaining FribroniX Family Entertainment example = (100% of ZWL1,029,710.00) ZWL 2,059,420.00

# Will my data be carried over if I purchase before the date of the price increase?

Yes, your data will roll over.

# Is the 25% discount still applicable on Unlimited packages?

No, the discount is no longer available.

# What are my options should I wish to pay in United States Dollars (USD)?

Option 1
You can request for conversion of your Zimbabwean Dollars (ZWL) denominated account to United States Dollars (USD) denominated account. To facilitate this, email and include the following information:

  • A clear statement expressing your interest to convert your Zimbabwean Dollars (ZWL) denominated to United States Dollars (USD) denominated account.
  • Full Name
  • Customer ID
  • Effective Date for the Conversion.

Our Billing team will evaluate and process the request. You will be notified once the conversion has been successfully executed.

Option 2
You can make a USD payment into a ZWL Liquid Home Account. Take note this form of payment can only be processed in-store, and our cashiers will apply the Reserve Bank auction rate of the day to determine the equivalent amount in USD.

For instance, maintaining FribroniX Family Entertainment example:

  • FribroniX Family Entertainment package cost= (5,718.40/ ZWL 2,059,420.00) = USD360.14
  • NB 5,718.40 was the Reserve Bank auction rate on the 7th of November 2023