Price Adjustments

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# What are your reasons for adjusting the prices?

The price adjustments are as a result of the regulator’s efforts to cushion the telecommunications operators to remain viable. These prices changes allow us to continue providing you with the best possible service.

# Where is the fifty percent increase in tariff originating from?

In October 2023, the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe “POTRAZ” approved an industry-wide 100% tariff increase with effect from 1 November 2023, another 50% effective 1 December 2023, and another 50% effective 1 February 2024 on FibroniX and WibroniX services.

As Liquid Home Zimbabwe, we postponed the implementation of the tariff adjustment that was originally scheduled for December 2023; as a result, it will now take effect on 1 April 2024.

# Did you adjust the USD pricing?

Pricing in USD has remained same. Please note that USD payment into ZWL denominated account will be processed in line with the daily official rate set by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

# When can l expect to receive the invoice with the new tariff?

Please expect to receive the invoice starting from the 23rd of March 2024. Kindly settle your invoice with seven days of receipt.