LIT USD Packages Promotion

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# What is the LIT USD package Promotion?

This is a LIT USD package promotion which is offering a host of benefits for customers paying in USD. The benefits to be enjoyed are dependent on selected package and include 15,000 VoIP minutes, professional service support and free installation services.

# How long will the promotion run for?

The promotion shall run until the 31st of March 2024.

# How do I sign up for the USD promotional package?

  1. You will be required to send an email to your Account Manager or to the address expressing your interest in the promotion and desired start date. Alternatively, you can also register via our website here.
  2. Our LIT sales team or your Account Manager will send you all the required documentation.
    Please note, whether you are subscribing in ZWL or USD you will be required to sign a new Service Order Form that has Terms and Conditions applicable to this promotion.
    Signing a new Service Order Form means that all Order Forms signed prior to this Service Order Form will be suspended.
    Any termination of the service shall be subject to the provisions of the Existing Agreement or the Standard Term of Business applicable.
  3. Once all the necessary documentation are received and processed, you will be advised when your registration is complete and start enjoying the promotion.

# Which promotional packages are available?

To view the promotional packages available, click here.

# How do I migrate back to ZWL or what happens when I no longer want to enjoy this promotion?

You will be required to send an email to your Account Manager or

Take note migrating back to ZWL or when you no longer want to enjoy this promotion will be guided by the Terms and Conditions agreed in the SOF.