Acronis Migration

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# What is the Acronis cloud backup platform and what does is provide?

It is a Cloud backup service that provides data protection for user devices, servers and 365 Data. It provides continuous protection of disks and files, allowing you to recover from a disaster on entire volumes, individual files and previous file versions.

# Why change over to Acronis?

Acronis service boasts the ability to back up more than 20 platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop. This can provide far greater protection for you while simplifying management of your backups as they can all be held in a single platform.

# How do I change over to Acronis? Will it be automatic?

No. The changeover will not be automatic. You will need to download your data from CrashPlan and upload it onto the Acronis platform. We encourage customers to complete this process with their IT personnel by the 20th of September 2021. Should you require further assistance contact our support teams on 08677123123 or

# Will the data I download from CrashPlan and upload onto Acronis be whitelisted?

NO. The data will not be whitelisted.

# What are the benefits of Acronis cloud backup service?

The Benefits of Acronis are:

  • Your data will be safe - Data encryption and password protection are available and controlled by you.
  • Top-notch backup and restore speed- New asynchronous data access engine- 500 MB/sec and faster.
  • Small backup archive size - In-archive deduplication and adaptive compression.

# What is the cost, if any, associated with the changeover?

The actual changeover will not be charged however, monthly charges of your preferred package will apply.

# What happens if I made a payment in advance, will I be required to make another payment?

The value for the remaining period will be credited against the charges associated with Acronis.

# What happens if I am paid up for the year and I do not wish to changeover to Acronis cloud backup service, will you refund me?

Yes, we will refund you. The refund will be calculated based on your package and subscriptions paid in advance.

# Will I lose any data during the changeover process?

No, however you will need to download data from CrashPlan before the platform is discontinued and upload it onto the new platform. Liquid Home Zimbabwe cannot be held accountable for any data lost between the customer backup and upload to the Acronis cloud backup service.

# If I do not wish to change over, will I lose my data?

Yes. CrashPlan will be de-commissioned on 30 September 2021. Any data that is not downloaded before CrashPlan is discontinued will be lost. If you do not wish to take up the recommended platform, you will be required to download your data so that you do not lose it. Once CrashPlan is discontinued, data on it will not be retrievable.