Liquid Home and MARS Road Ambulance Service

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# What is the benefit of signing up for the Road Ambulance Services?

The facility is open to all customers and covers Road Ambulance Services in the event of a life-threatening emergency anywhere within Zimbabwe (excluding COVID-19 evacuations). The evacuations may be called upon 24 hours a day but limited to a standard of 60km radius across all MARS bases countrywide.

# How much is the monthly Road Ambulance Service fee?

To view the recent price, visit here.

# Will the service cover family members and at what charge?

The Road Ambulance Service can be extended to the immediate family members of the Liquid Home Zimbabwe’s subscriber at an additional monthly fee. To view the recent price, visit here.

# How will you bill the Road Ambulance Service fee?

After signing the Liquid Home Zimbabwe Consent Form, the Road Ambulance Service fee will be embedded in your monthly internet subscription and billed in line with your billing cycle or subcrided to monthly for Pay As You Go customers.

# What happens if I am paid up for the month, but I no longer require the Road Ambulance Service, will you refund me?

No refunds are available.

# What happens if I do not request for Road Ambulance Services after paying for subscriptions? Is there a cash-back option?

No cash back options are available.

# Should l decide to opt out, what is the procedure?

Opting out requires one months' notice which should be communicated via email to

# Will I get a new LIT-ID for Road Ambulance Services?

No. Your LIT-ID remains the same.

# What are the Terms and Conditions for the road ambulance evacuations?

To view the Terms and Conditions visit here.

# What are the contact details for MARS?