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# What is the SSL Liquid Home email platform?

This is the old server used by Liquid Home Zimbabwe to host email services which will be decommissioned on 30 November 2021.

# What are the benefits of the new platform service?

The benefits of the new platform are:

  • Increased storage for your emails.
  • Advanced protection against spam.
  • Enhanced reliability.

# Does the new platform offer a webmail portal for emails?

Yes, the new platform is cloud-based and offers a webmail portal accessible on

# Will I lose any emails or data during the migration process?

No, Liquid Home will migrate your emails during the upgrade. However, we encourage you to back up your emails before initiating the process.

# How do I migrate to the new platform?

An instruction will be sent to your Liquid Home registered email, directing you on the migration process. This migration is not automatic and failure to migrate will result in disruption of web and email services. Should you require further assistance Contact your Account Manager or email

# I am not technical and do not have an IT person, will I receive necessary assistance?

We have put together step by step configuration instructions for the popular email programs and encourage you to make use of the manuals. However, should you require additional assistance, our support team will be available to offer the necessary assistance on the usual channels calls 08677123123, Live chat – Liquid Home website and app, email

# Will my email services be disrupted during the migration? If yes, what will happen to emails sent to me during the migration?

Yes, we have updated the respective systems and configuration to ensure a smooth transition, however your emails will be disrupted for a short time while you change your email settings to the new platform.


# Additional information

Take note each package comes with a standard disk space of 5GB, and additional disk space is also available in increments of 5GB should you require it. Liquid Home Zimbabwe will charge you for each additional 5GB of disk space at the prevailing bank rates.

Setting up

  1. For customers with mail accounts configured using POP, you may need to create a new profile. For steps on how to set up a mail account with POP visit:

    Setting up a mail account with POP

  2. For more information on how to set up other mail applications please visit:

    Setting up other mail applications


Access to old emails

  • You can access your old emails on the new profile.
  • If you can’t find a particular email in the new profile you can always go to the old profile on your machine and move it to the new email profile.

Deleting duplicates mails

  • Duplicate emails on the old profile, may still appear in the new profile.
  • Emails deleted on the new profile will be permanently deleted.
  • When deleting emails on your new profile, please ensure you are deleting the correct emails as this process cannot be undone.