VoIP Platform Migration

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# Why the migration?

Liquid Home is upgrading its systems and part of this process is decommissioning old equipment before it reaches end of life and negatively impacts service to our customers.

# Will anything change in my service?

Service interaction will mostly remain the same except for functional changes that will be made to improve your experience. These include changes to the phone top up process which will now be processed through the myLiquid Home App and websites as well as the ZiNumber app and other traditional channels.

For ZiNumber holders, you will be required to download the updated version of the app once it becomes available in the App store or Play store in order to resume service.

# Will my internet go down during the maintenance?

No. The internet portion of your FibroniX service will continue working normally and is not impacted by the maintenance. If you face an Internet outage during the window, please do not hesitate to get in touch with support via your usually preferred way.

# I haven't used my line in the last 90 days, but I want to keep it?

Simply make a call on your FibroniX phone line anytime between now and 22nd February and it will remain active.

# Is there any cost change to the service?

There is no change in pricing of the service with this maintenance window. Calls will remain billed per second at the current rates, based on the calling destination.

# Why are you deactivating lines after 90 days?

Telephone numbers are a finite resource and as such inactive numbers need to be reclaimed in order to continue to offer optimal service to customers that do wish to make use of this service.

# What if my number is reclaimed because of 90 days inactivity but i want to reclaim my old number back later?

You will be able to re-activate your voice service after the maintenance window at your convenience via the myLiquid Home app and website. Whilst we will endeavour to re-assign the previous number to you, we are unable to guarantee that you will get the same number back as it may get re-allocated after the migration.

# I bought an old voucher for VoIP, what happens to it?

If you have already redeemed it in the current system, then any remaining balance will be transferred. If you have not redeemed it before the 22nd of February 2019, then please contact our support team with the voucher information so that we can manually check and provision the voucher on the new platform.