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# What are the top-up charges?

All the latest top-up charges can be found on the Liquid Home WibroniX Home page.

# What is WibroniX and how does it work?

WiBroniX is an internet connection using Wireless technology called Long Term Evolution (LTE). It is an upgrade from our current WiMAX service which we are now in the process of phasing out. WiBroniX requires an Outdoor/Indoor/Mobile Modem which connects to towers/boosters to provide Internet Access.

# What is LTE?

LTE is a high speed and high quality broadband network connection with reliable internet connection capability. It is also known as 4th Generation network (4G). Liquid Telecom is providing the LTE backbone network for Liquid Home WibroniX.

# What packages are available on WibroniX?


There are two main package options for homes and individuals:

  1. Pay As You Go packages which are tailored to suit your budget.
  2. Uncapped Subscription packages to cater for your family needs.


WiBroniks Business packages are specifically designed to enhance business communications and applications. Efficient for small businesses.

# How do I connect to WibroniX?

To be connected on WibroniX you will require an LTE capable modem provided with an LTE SIM card from Liquid Home Zimbabwe. There are different models of modems suitable for different uses: individuals, home and businesses. Contact our Sales team for more information.

# How much does it cost to install Liquid Home WibroniX?

There is a One Time Activation Fee: $20.00. This will get you connected, setup and ready to go.

# What are the devices and pricing?

To get the Liquid Home WibroniX modem there are two options:

  1. Purchase the Modem upfront - Self Financing
  2. Purchase the Modem through - Loan Financing available from Success Micro-Finance. This process will take 3 working days to receive feedback on the credit application.

Prices for modems are available on the Website.

# How do I sign up for WibroniX?

You can sign up for WibroniX by physically visiting our Walk in Centre’s to register with the following documents:


  • Original National ID/Drivers Licence/ Valid Passport
  • Proof of Residence


  • Certificate of Incorporation CR14/ CR6
  • Original National ID/Drivers Licence/ Valid Passport of Authorized Representative
  • Proof of Residence
  • Letter of Authority or Affidavit authorizing the Company Representative to register for service on behalf of the Company

# Is my current WiMAX equipment capable of supporting WibroniX?

Newer Models of WiMAX Outdoor/Indoor Modems or Dongles may be compatible. Kindly contact our Support team on 08677123123 or email zw-support@liquid.tech to verify compatibility.

# What is the difference between WibroniX and FibroniX?

WibroniX is WTTH (Wireless To The Home/Exterprise) Internet Connection using LTE (Long Term Evolution) Technology.

FibroniX is FTTH (Fibre To The Home/Enterprise) Internet Connection using optic fibre technology.

# Which areas in Zimbabwe can WibroniX work?

Kindly check the best network solution in your area here.

# How does your Billing Cycle work?

WibroniX Capped services run on a Pay-As-You-Go billing cycle. The service will remain active and all you need to do is purchase top-up bundles to connect to the internet.

Residential and Office Unlimited Packages run on a calendar month billing cycle.

# How to Top-Up your WibroniX account?


Having problem topping up your WibroniX account?
Follow these steps below:

  1. Got to My Account choose My Services.
  2. Select MANAGE SERVICE and choose BUY A TOP-UP.
  3. Select the Top-up package you want.
  4. Select My Balance and select PROCEED.

For more detailed directions on payment and top-up methods click here.

For video directions on how to top-up from your phone click here.

# Is there WibroniX on the Go?

Yes of course! WiBroniks on the Go is a service that is available to WibroniX customers which enables them to access their home or office internet from over 300 SasaiWiFi hotspots countrywide at no extra cost.

# Can I combine WibroniX and FibroniX under same LIT-ID?

Yes, you can combine WibroniX and FibroniX under the same LIT-ID. You can have many or different services on one single LIT-ID/Account.

# What are the expected speeds for WibroniX?

Click here to view the expected speeds on different packages.

# Is there need for a modem or all I need is a phone, computer or other such device?

There is need for a modem or dongle provided by Liquid Home Zimbabwe for you to access WiBroniks. This can be an LTE/4G Outdoor Modem with a Power over Ethernet (PoE) connected to a Wireless Router, an LTE/4G Indoor Modem or a Mobile Device from Liquid Home. Liquid Home Zimbabwe will unfortunately not support a Bring Your Own Device Model*.

# What are the installation timelines?

If you are going to use a mobile modem, installation is instant! For fixed outdoor modems, installation is done within 48hrs of signing up if you are in Harare and Bulawayo. Outside Harare and Bulawayo installation will be done within 5 working days.

# Does the Wi-Fi signal cover my house?

The WibroniX modems come with basic Wi-Fi capability similar to the FibroniX modem. Wi-Fi coverage is unique to every House / Building. Liquid Home Zimbabwe will use its best efforts to provide useful and reliable Internet service. Wi-Fi utilises public, unlicensed radio-frequency spectrum, as such, Wi-Fi is subject to external interferences, environmental influences, and other factors and variables beyond reasonable control. Performance and coverage may be affected by:

  • Transmission and download speed and accuracy;
  • Network congestion by other devices on your network;
  • Performance of your computer, tablets PCs, Smartphones and other devices, configuration, and functionality of your Wi-Fi devices and wireless cards (including, but not limited to memory, storage and other limitations);
  • Physical obstructions and distances between your Wi-Fi Access point and the Wi-Fi network. This maybe your building design, construction materials and the distance to intended coverage areas, especially to outdoor areas and detached buildings;
  • Availability of electric power;
  • Transmission and equipment limitations, failures, maintenance or repair;
  • User error.

In certain circumstances repeaters are required to extend Wi-Fi coverage. For extension of Wi-Fi coverage outside the default coverage of the modem provided by Liquid Home Zimbabwe, our Geeks are always available to assist you at a cost.

# Who do l contact should l require any assistance?

Please get in touch with us here for any requests, queries and/or suggestions.

# Can l pay my subscription in advance using the prevailing monthly subscription?

Yes, you can make payments in advance. Prepayments will be accepted on or after the publication of the Price Alignment Notification.

NB: All prepayments are done against an invoice.

# How Sim card Geo locking works?

As part of our commitment to continuously improve the quality of service, please note that WiBroniX Services (LTE) are fixed and will only be accessed from the Physical Address provided by you to Liquid Home Zimbabwe on registration.

Any subsequent changes to the Physical Address need to be registered with Liquid Home Zimbabwe and must be within the Liquid Home Zimbabwe Coverage Areas. Take note that some addresses may lie outside the Liquid Home Zimbabwe Coverage Area and as such we will not be able to provide service to these locations.